The School Board

The Devonport Christian School Board is made up of Association Members who volunteer their time to serve on the Board. The Board acts on behalf of the members of the School Association in relation to the school’s legal and financial obligations.

The most critical task for the Board is to determine the vision and mission for the school. This vision guides strategic planning, measures existing programs, determines the basis for the appointment of staff, and generally shapes all that happens at Devonport Christian School.

Board members are kept well-informed about all areas of Devonport Christian School’s operations by Executive staff. They take very seriously their responsibility to govern wisely and to make prayerful and informed decisions from a Biblical and Christian worldview perspective.

Board meetings are held monthly, with the Annual General Meeting being held in May of each year.

The Board can be contacted by email on or writing care of the School Office.

Board Members

Hanna is married to Abe and they have three children all of whom are students at Devonport Christian School. Hanna and Abe own Abe’s Audio, a national audio production company and attend Life Christian Church, Ulverstone. Hanna was co-opted to the Devonport Christian School Board in July 2019 and elected as President in June 2022.

Gary is married to Claire and they have four children, three of whom are students of Devonport Christian School. Gary works in data integration and business intelligence at the University of Tasmania and attends Life Christian Church, Ulverstone. Gary has served on the Devonport Christian School Board since 2017.

Mike and Carla have four children who have attended various Christian Schools across Tasmania and interstate. Mike has taught at both Leighland campuses on the NW coast and was a Deputy Principal for NT Christian Schools in Arnhem Land. He chairs the leadership team at Pathway to Life church. Mike first came onto the board as an ex-officio member when he undertook the role of Interim Principal at DCS in 2016. He was elected to the Board at the 2017 AGM and holds the role of Treasurer.

Philippa is married to Paul and they have two children, both students at Devonport Christian School. Philippa is a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer and attends Life Christian Church, Ulverstone. Philippa has served on the DCS Board since May 2016.

Ettiene is married to Dana and together they have three children, two of whom are students at Devonport Christian School and one still at home. Ettiene is part of Pathway to Life Church in Devonport where he serves as pastor and he was elected to the DCS Board in July 2020.

Leah is married to Damien and together they have three boys, two in secondary at Leighland Christian School and one in Year 6 at Devonport. They have been part of the DCS community since 2020. Leah works as a Learning Support Aide at Leighland and as a family they worship at Gateway Church, Devonport. Leah was co-opted onto the Board at the end of 2022 and voted onto the Board at the May 2023 AGM.

Andrew is married to Rebecca and they have two children who have completed their primary schooling at DCS. Their youngest child currently attends DCS secondary. Andrew is a Podiatrist and manages a Tasmanian Health Service Department. He attends Life Christian Church, Port Sorell. Andrew was co-opted to the Devonport Christian School Board in January 2023.