At Devonport we encourage our students to embrace co-curricular activities as a way to expand their experiences, further develop existing skills and find new areas of passion.

Areas of Interest


Our Primary School program places a strong emphasis on embedding STEM into learning activities and outcomes. Through science, technology, engineering and mathematics, your child can develop life-long skills in problem solving, creativity, critical analysis, teamwork, independent thinking, initiative, communication and digital literacy. Our focus on STEM provides your child the foundation not only to succeed at Devonport but beyond.

Performing Arts

We have exceptional talent at Devonport Christian School and this is evident through our Performing Arts Programs. Our team of talented Performing Arts teachers and instructors love to teach and share their passions for expanding the kingdom of God through their gifts. 


Our Sport and Physical Education activities are fun and engaging, creating opportunities for our students to be healthy and active improving both their physical and mental wellbeing.

We have a number of ways in which our students can engage in physical education including swimming, team sports and carnivals amongst others.


We believe music to be an essential part of student development that enables growth and creativity. We offer music as part of our primary school curriculum where students are encouraged to participate and learn an instrument as a group and engage in basic music education. Students who wish to pursue music are encouraged to participate in our extended music programs and are supported by a team of highly trained and talented musicians. 

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning at Devonport is designed to enhance our curriculum through the use of outdoor spaces. It is not an additional subject but is used to deepen the learning experience of the regular curriculum. Devonport uses outdoor learning to enhance science, mathematics, team building, and many other lessons. By taking education beyond the classroom, students are immersed in real world learning opportunities and better prepared for 21st century employment.

Extra Curricular

At Devonport, we believe that educational experiences should go beyond the four walls of a classroom. This is why we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to encourage your child to both discover and nurture their gifts, talents and creativity. These programs are designed to develop the whole student by challenging, encouraging, and nurturing their God given gifts.

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